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emotional strong nominative masculine singular emotionaler, comparative emotionaler, superlative am emotionalsten. Positive forms of emotional. number gender singular plural. masculine feminine neuter all genders. predicative er ist emotional. sie ist emotional. es ist emotional. sie sind emotional. without article nominative emotionaler.
The Difference Between Feelings and Emotions WFU Online.
According to a study published in Personality and Social Psychology Review PSPR, emotion is a feedback system whose influence on behavior is indirect. While according to the PSPR study, the behavior is used to pursue or avoid anticipated emotional outcomes, behavior also provides feedback and stimulating retrospective appraisal of actions, conscious emotional states which can promote learning and alter guidelines for future behavior.
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3: appealing to or arousing emotion an emotional sermon. 4: markedly aroused or agitated in feeling or sensibilities gets emotional at weddings. Other Words from emotional Synonyms Antonyms More Example Sentences Phrases Containing emotional Learn More About emotional. Other Words from emotional.
Universal Emotions What are Emotions? Paul Ekman Group.
In order to have more choice about our emotional reactions, we must first build awareness of the emotional behaviors, experiences and triggers that we, and others, face. This process allows us to find insight in awareness to help shape our emotional reactions in more thoughtful and constructive ways.
Feelings and Cancer - NCI.
Some of them may think that now that treatment is over, you will be back to normal soon, even though this may not be true. Others may want to help but dont know how. Look for emotional support in different ways.
List of Emotions: 53 Ways to Express What Youre Feeling. Healthline.
Emotional Detachment: What It Is and How to Overcome It. Medically reviewed by Jennifer Litner, PhD, LMFT, CST. Emotional detachment can be a healthy choice or an unconscious behavior that keeps you lonely and isolated. We discuss the differences in types of.
Weight loss: Gain control of emotional eating - Mayo Clinic.
Emotional eating is eating as a way to suppress or soothe negative emotions, such as stress, anger, fear, boredom, sadness and loneliness. Major life events or, more commonly, the hassles of daily life can trigger negative emotions that lead to emotional eating and disrupt your weight-loss efforts.
Emotional, Mental Health, and Mood Changes.
Managing Cancer-related Side Effects. Emotional, Mental Health, and Mood Changes. A cancer diagnosis can affect the emotional health of patients, families, andcaregivers. Common feelings during this life-changing experience include anxiety, distress, and depression.Roles at home, school, and work can be affected.

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